Acorn's Kindergarten Program

Acorn's kindergarten program is delivered by a qualified early years teacher and follows the Queensland kindergarten learning guidelines which helps teachers to develop quality learning programs for children prior to prep.

Acorn's Kindergarten program focuses on building your child's confidence and interest in early literacy and numeracy.

A summary of each child's learning is documented throughout the year and given to parents at end of year. Your child will learn through:

  • Indoor and outdoor play, based on their interests and ideas
  • Real-life experiences, such as cooking, gardening and investigating the world
  • Everyday routines and transitions, such as meal times, rest times and group times.

To achieve our vision at Acorn we also seek to know our children, families and community. We collaborate, communicate and build relationships. Plus we value and support our team's diverse expertise, roles and responsibilities. Why? So all Acorn children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.